What My Clients Say

Heather is WONDERFUL!!!!
She made my Glute injury SO much better in just ONE visit. I was actually able to squat today!

Carrie R.

Heather: I saw you did so AMAZING on your run! So....butt, quads & calves? Did your toes cramp?

Me: yes

Heather: Which toes? The little ones? 

Me: YES!

This is why I drive 45 minutes to get my massage from Heather. I could get a massage closer to where I live, But there's something nice about just telling Heather " I raced a half marathon on Saturday" And she's going to know exactly what I need worked on. <3

Linda F.

Heather did a great job. She listened to my issues and concentrated on those areas along with asking for feedback during our session. I look forward to seeing her again in a couple weeks!

Toby P.